Wednesday , August 17 2022

Open Jobs: 2019 hiring to be stronger in 4 years; these sectors will provide the most jobs


the health sector, the sector, industryWhile 20% of employers said employment would be the same as in 2018 for them, only a few have a negative outlook for 2019.

Hiring in 2019 is expected to be stronger after a four-year gap between sectors where 64% of employers have a positive job outlook for the next year, according to the India Qualifications Report 2019. Employment has reached a new level up 47%, an increase of almost 2-3 percentage points over last year and about 15% over the last 5 years.

Engaging in technology would make 2019 come back. Jobs in fields such as analysis and design are expected to be most sought after in the global set, while demand for technologies specialized in Artificial Intelligence (IA) / machine learning would also increase the following year in relation. Hospitality, travel and the automotive industry are the other sectors, which are expected to see an increase in the number of employees, he added.

"It is encouraging to see the positive commitment to this year and even more to see that hiring in technology is returning to action," said Pankaj Bansal, CEO and co-founder of PeopleStrong.

India Competences Report 2019 is a joint initiative of PeopleStrong, HR Solutions and Wheebox global talent assessment company, in partnership with the Indian Industry Confederation (CII), with partners such as AICTE, UNDP and AIU.

While 20% of employers said employment would be the same as 2018 for them, only a few have a negative outlook for 2019, the report said. However, the fresh commitment to employment has increased to 15% this year from 7% in 2017. Also, engagement in terms of volume may not reach 2010-11, but it is expected to be better than in the last 2-3 years.

The study was conducted across the country, and Andhra Pradesh, Delhi and Gujarat were the top three countries in terms of employability. While engineers led the package to become employers, the electronics and communications engineering (ECE) and IT have the highest rate of employment.

On the other hand, the study found a 46% increase in earnings this year, from 38% last year. Also, the number of male employees rose from 47% last year to 48%.

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