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PCI analysis based on PCI 2018 analysis: Paper is too difficult to handle than last year


The Banking Selection Institute (IBPS) successfully completed the network exam for the probation officer on the territory of the country on 18 November 2018. The exam was held in one place from 9.00 to 12.30.

This year's IBPS PO Mains 2018 exam was full of surprises in terms of new types of questions and patterns. The level of the IBBS PO Main 2018 exam was high and difficult compared to last year.

According to the review, the Data Analysis and Interpretation section was the most difficult section. While the English language section was full of reading comprehension and based on critical reasoning. The reasoning section was also difficult and long. On the other hand, the level of general information was slightly moderate.

The main exam consists of objective tests and descriptive test. Both objective and descriptive tests were held online. The network exam duration was 3 hours and 30 minutes.

For the first time in the Descriptive Tests, there were 5 options, and students had to write a written letter (150 words and essay (200 words) on one of the given topics.

Arranging the sections of PAI PO Main 2018 Exam

The arrangement of the individual section is preset by the server. Since the time limit for each section was fixed in this way, students had to answer questions during the specified time.

The order of the section is as follows

  • Rationale + Computer Aptitude (60 min) – 45 Qs
  • General Awareness (35 minutes) – 40 questions
  • English (40 min.) – 35 Q
  • Interpretation and analysis of data (45 min.) – 35 Q

PCI PO 2018 Exam: Good Testing

sections Good trials Level
1. English language 12-15 Difficult
2. Motivation and computerized skills 12-16 Moderate – Difficult
3. Analysis and interpretation of data 10-14 Difficult
4. General / economic / banking awareness 22-25 Easy to moderate
Good general tests 75-85 Difficult

Below is a detailed analysis of the entire section

Analyzing the data analysis and interpretation section

Detailed analysis of the subject of the wise question

Topics Number of Qs Level
1. Interpretation of data 15 Qs


Bar Graph based– Declaration / data dependence

Caslet – Longer

2. Quantity 1 & Quantity 2 Quantity 3 3 Qs Difficult
3. Data sufficiency 2-3 Qs Difficult
4. Series of numbers 3 Qs

  • 2 pairs of parallel lines – coded no. series
5. Arithmetic 4-5 Qs Long and difficult
6. Data filters 4 Qs

New model

Very difficult
7. Probability 1 Qs Difficult

Analysis of the English section

Topics Number of Qs Level
1. Knowledge of reading 10 Q – (3 RC and 3 questions each)

  • Length of passage: 1-2 paragraphs
2. Parajumble 5 Qs Difficult
3. Cloze test 11-12 Qs (fillings, phrase replacement, sentence rewording) Difficult
4. Tone Based 1 Qs Difficult
5. Correction of the sentence 1 Qs Difficult
6. Correction of the sentence 1 Qs Difficult

Analysis of reasoning and section Computer skills

Topics Number of Qs Level
1. Puzzle & Chairs arrangement 2. 3 Difficult
2. Blood relationship – Decoding coding 2 Difficult
3. Input Output 5

  • A number (2 digits) was given and based on arithmetic options.
  • Step 1: Values ​​are doubled
  • Step 2: The first number is added to the second number and the second number is low in the third number.
  • Soon.
4. Decoding the encoding 1 Moderate
5. Data sufficiency 2

  • Two questions were based on – Order and ranking and Arrangement.
  • Option statements have been provided.
6. Logical argumentation 9 Moderate-Difficult
7. Various questions 3 Qs

  • Direction – 1 Q
  • Alphabet based – 2 Qs

General Analysis of the IBPS PO Main Exam Exam 2018 Exam

It's one of the easiest sections of the exam. The major part of the questions was addressed by the current Affairs, which was based on the latest 6-month news.

* There were about 3-4 questions from Banking Awareness.

* Just 1 or 2 questions from Static Gk.

PCI PO 2018 Descriptive Test: Exam Exam

* Total number of questions – 2

* Level – moderate

* This section involved 2 questions, letters, and essay writing. This section was 25 points, with a time limit of 30 minutes.

The following Essay and Letter writing topics were requested in the IBBS PO Main 2018 Descriptive Test

1. Letter (150 words) – Write a letter on any of these 5 topics.

* Write a letter to your favorite writer praising his recently published book.

* Write a letter to the bank's director to assign a separate counter for an elderly citizen.

* Write a letter to the municipal commissioner to bring to light the illegal violation by hawkers and

the request to end it.

* Write a letter to the publisher about the types of pollution and how to reduce it.

* Write a letter to your neighbor by thanking them for their help during a family emergency.

2. Writing essay (200 words) – Write an essay on any of these 5 topics.

* India needs a universal health care system?

* What is fake news? How do you identify and avoid them?

* Pros and Cons of a NOTE while voting in elections.

* Advantages of learning foreign languages.

* Many magazines stopped the physical copy of the print and switched to digital because of lack of

readers – Discuss

Backup Plate PAI 2018 Expected Cutoff

The PSPS PS PS will range between 70-75 for the General category.

This was the complete analysis of the IBPS PO Mains 2018 Exam. For more details, such as the level of difficulty at the section level, the questions asked in the exam and the safe score, check in detail
revision of PAI PO Main 2018 here.

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