Saturday , May 28 2022

The glamorous Shahid Afridi pack divided the Pakistan Super League's Karachi Kings franchises, but was immediately replaced by a bigger name in World Crichet Wasim Akram.

Afridi left the Karachi Kings after serving as president and player for just one season.

The reason for his departure is that the KK owner, Salman Iqbal, has asked him to dissociate himself from the T10 League in the United Arab Emirates.

But Afridi refused and left the franchise, after which Iqbal approached Wasim Akram, who was associated with the PSL franchise, Multan Sultans, last season.

"Immediately after the Pakistan Cricket Council announced that it had reached an agreement with Multan Sultani due to payment problems, Iqbal approached Wasim, who agreed to join KK as president," an official said.

Interestingly, Akram said he would keep his partnership with the T10 League intact, as Maratha Arabian's hobby talents manager and coach.

Afridi will be supported to be considered when the PSL project will be held on November 20th in Islamabad.

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