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2019 Mitsubishi Delica Design blends with Xpander, Pajero and Triton iNews Portal


TOKYO, – After launching the latest Triton global debut, Mitsubishi now focuses on the New Delica D: 5 model 2019. What does this MPV look like?

Quote from Auto IndustriyaOn Thursday (11/22/2018), the new generation of Delica has a new Mitsubishi design language. The Delica 2019 looks like a combination of three other Mitsubishi car models, namely Xpander, Pajero Sport and Triton.

The face looks like Xpander, especially in the preparation of headlights. The Delica D model: 5 2019 places the headlamp in the center of the bumper, while the DRL LED is high.

For the central bar, there is a wide grid inspired by Pajero Sport and Triton. This grid makes the latest Delica models clearer.

Unlike the front, the side and rear sectors do not make significant changes or still maintain the design language of the previous generation. Except for the new bumpers and side hatches that now have a different pattern of "tear drop".

The Delica 2019 comes in two variants, namely the standard including 7-spoke alloy wheels, large height space, front and rear friction plate and unique grille design. While the Urban Gear variants get more chrome, layered grilles, multi-spoke alloys and body kits.

The interior shows that the design of the brot is flattened with a flat fascia. The central stack is aligned, which integrates infotainment tactile displays, AC commands and gearboxes.

The emphasis of leather on the door adds a luxury note to Delica, just like the exterior, the interiors of each variant are different.

The standard version uses a configuration for 7 passengers, with the second row using the 60:40 position. While the Urban Gear has a black interior and a 6-passenger configuration.

Delica D: 5 business is equipped with 2.2L MIVEC turbodiesel that can spit 175 horsepower and 380 Nm of torque. Power is channeled through an 8-speed automatic transmission. Uniquely, this MPV has a differential lock, which can be used for off-road use.

Editor: Dani Dahwilani

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