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After being found, a family car killed in Bekasi was taken to the police station


BEKASI, – Nissan X-Trail lost from a family home (husband and wife and two children) who were victims of the crime in Bekasi, western Java, arrived on Thursday (November 15, 2018) at Bekasi Kota Metro Mapolres.

The car disappeared with the murder case Tuesday morning. But the police found the car in the Cikarang area on Wednesday.

The car arrived at Bekasi Kota Mapolres Thursday at 9.30 am WIB. The car was parked on Bekasi Kota Mapolres yard and gave the police line.

The silver car has a police number B 1075 UOG. There are several items in the car, such as car covers and CD cassettes.

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The appearance of a normal car is like a car in general. There is nothing strange or different.

Head of Metro Jaya Police Public Relations Department, Sr. Comr Argo Yuwono previously said the car was found Wednesday at a boarding school in the Cikarang region of the Bekasi region.

"The joint police team in Polda and the city of Bekasi managed to find a car we were looking for yesterday with the discovery of the X-trail, then from the Labfor police headquarters, then with the regional police Inafis Metro Jaya, the investigator made the scene crime scene this morning, "Argo at Metro Jaya Regional Police Headquarters, central Jakarta on Thursday.

It is not yet known who brought the car to the garage in the Cikarang area.

"We found the car empty, we ask for information from the pension owner, the occupants of the hostels and other witnesses," Argo said.

A couple and two children were found dead on Jalan Bojong Nangka II RT 002 RW 007, Jatirahayu village, Pondok Melati district, Bekasi city, western Java on Tuesday.

They are Dikum Nainggolan (38), Maya Boru Ambarita's wife (37) and their two children, Sarah Boru Nainggolan (9) and Arya Nainggolan (7).

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