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Anticipating an increase in passenger traffic, AP II launches Soekarno-Hatta II


Anticipating an increase in passenger traffic, AP II launches Soekarno-Hatta II
Soekarno Hatta Airport –, JAKARTA – PT Angkasa Pura II said the feasibility study of Volume II of the Soekarno-Hatta Airport project was reported to be completed in the next 3 months.

Angkasa Pura (AP), chairman of the II director Muhammad Awaluddin said the feasibility study (feasibility study /FS) was made 3 months ago. Meanwhile, the process takes at least 6 months.

"The FS will be completed in the next three months, then we will bring the results of obtaining permits for several relevant ministries, such as the Ministry of Transport, the BUMN Ministry, the Ministry of Environment and Forests, the Ministry of Agrarian and Territorial Planning," Awaluddin said on Sunday 11/2018 ).

He added that the location plan was prepared at a maximum of three points within a radius of 15 kilometers – 30 kilometers from the current Soekarno-Hatta airport. Main access will be integrated with the old airport that already has support facilities, such as the Automatic People Mover System or skytrain.

Meanwhile, land demand for Soekarno-Hatta II airport is estimated to be the same as the current airport, which is around 2,000 hectares. Land availability is not a problem because it can use the field on the ground or recovery if necessary.

Awaluddin said the plan to build Soekarno-Hatta II Airport, which came out of the idea of ​​BUMN Rini Soemarno, was aimed at sustaining passenger growth in the future. Meanwhile, the total investment funds needed may reach Rp 100 billion.

"The issue of financing is not an obstacle because we cooperate securely with investors, not from our own funds," he said.

Meanwhile, the Civil Aviation Director General, the Transport Ministry, Polana B. Pramesti was not able to provide further comments on the development plan. His party awaits the results of AP II's study and license application.

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