Thursday , August 18 2022

BNN finds youth tendencies to "fly" with bandages in central Java


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Agency drugs National Province Central Java (BNNP Central Java) has sniffed the new trend of deviant behavior of children and adolescents in Romaniafly. The new trend is to drink marinated water sanitary napkins stifled.

trends fly drinking the sanitary napkins coming from community information, which was then followed by BNNP Central Java. Although not a new style, the emergence of this style is widely used in the Java central community because it is difficult and expensive to obtain shabu drugs.

"In fact, this is not a new way, apart from the central Java circulating, we receive information from the community, which we will then do, mostly in the northern coastal areas Demak, Kudus, Pati and Rembang "said Head of BNNP Central Java Eradication. Senior Commissioner Suprinarto, on Wednesday (11/7).

From the search results, those who consumed cooked napkins were street children and adolescents who were accustomed to this fly by inhalation of glue, taking medications for liquid cough and pills. Ironically, initially, sanitary napkins used were old sanitary napkins in landfills.

However, due to the hygiene and hygiene considerations, the sanitary napkins used now are new sanitary napkins. "Most are regular children and adolescents bLOOD. ngomix and ngoplo. Since methamphetamine is now expensive and difficult, the adhesive rises and copulates the pills up and goes to the pads. Initially, sanitary napkins were in the trash, but now they are new because they are clean, "said Suprinarto

For this growth trend, BNNP in Central Java can not act as the culprit because the goods used are legal assets. However, the NPP of the Java Plant will offer its educators that their behavior is deviant that can harm the health.

"We can not act against them, legal actions can not be done because the goods are used legally and not drugs or psychotropic substances. Our steps can provide education that is a deviant behavior that is harmful to health," Supri said. (DMR / AGT)

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