Tuesday , March 21 2023

Drama for Heroes Day, Viewers on Rail Rail Outside Committee Control


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – responsible person and organizer of the Colosal Drama event Surabaya Burns, Taufik Hidayat said he was worried about the incident that led to the deaths of three people and injured dozens of other people.

A number of viewers who were in Viaduk or the bridge crossing the train around the Surabaya Street Hero's number event were beyond his control.

Taufik said the incident happened so quickly. He did not expect the train viaduct to pass through on Friday (9/11). Because, he said, in a similar event of previous years, the train never passed when the drama took place.

"Three years ago there were no trains going through until the event was over, but tonight the train was over, we did not know the program," said Taufik, who is also president of the Blazing Surabaya community.

According to him, the community was so excited about watching this drama, the number grew even around the location. In fact, the prepared area was only Jalan Pahlawan.

"The audience went to the Tugu Pahlawan fence, including those in the buildings, on the tracks, so it was their enthusiasm until growth and fall came out of our control," he said.

However, Taufik claimed to have repeatedly reminded the audience that was over Viaduk through the speakers. He asked the public to go down and look for another place to visit.

"I was repeatedly called through the speakers before the start of the program, at the same time, before we crossed the train, we say repeatedly, friends, please come down," he said.

He also claimed he coordinated with the police to ensure the location where the drama took place.

"I coordinated the PMK, and there is ambulance, there is the police, this program is safe, we try to be orderly, but the problem is that outside the system, we can not get to the place where it is far from the point of view, "he said.

But shortly after the incident, the organizers proved to continue the drama without a pause, the actors continued to act as usual. Taufik had a reason, said the incident would be more troubled if the drama was canceled.

"In my opinion, these friends (actors) have worked, maybe there are many in shock, but it will be more in shock when the region's friends did not sing the scene, even if they practiced for almost a month, "he said.

The drama was then, by Taufik being accelerated in time from what it would have taken for 60 minutes, just 40 minutes.

"However, I represent the Blazing Surabaya community that expresses deep pain, and all the friends involved in the drama feel bad to take part," he said.

Burning Colosal The drama itself has been commonly held in Surabaya since 2011. This drama is a memorial moment every night of Heroes falling on November 10th.

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