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Earth will be hit by a meteor shower tonight


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JAKARTA, – The top phenomenon of the Leonids meteor shower will break out on Earth Saturday night. Earlier, in 1833, Leonid bombed the earth with hundreds of meteors per hour, but it seems that this year there will not be so many.

"Twenty meteors per hour will likely pass through the peak, which makes it more active than the recent Taurid meteor shower," said AccuWeather's Dave Samuhel, reported on the AccuWeather website on Saturday (11/17/2018).

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According to the American Meteor Society, Leonid often bombards the Earth with a high percentage and is the brightest meteor. This makes it easy to find in the night sky. Then midnight will be the best time to see Leonid.

"Meteors emanate from the constellation Leo in the north-east of the sky," Samuhel added.

Even though Leonid will emerge from the Northeast, people will be able to see the meteors appear in all areas of the sky if the weather allows it.

Space reports whether the meteor shower Leonid really will decorate the sky of the Earth in November of each year. This is a reaction of the Earth's orbit along the orbit of the 55R / Tempel-Tuttle comet.

The comets, also called "star-to-tail," orbit the sun every 33 years, leaving traces of debris, then falling to the surface of the Earth. Before touching the Earth's surface, most of the comet remnants will burn in the atmosphere. (*)

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