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Fahira Idris reported to Bawaslu about the alleged policy of action 211

JAKARTA, – Fahira Idris, a member of the DP DPD, reported to the Election Supervisory Board (Bawaslu) about the alleged violations of the campaign.

The reporting entity is the NKRI Advocate Guard Network (JAPRI). They reported Fahira about the allegations of exploitation and politicization of action 211, Friday (11/2/2018), for the presidential candidates' candidacy and deputy chairman Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno.

"Fahira Idris, who is actually a member of the BPN candidate's 02 name, uses the politicizing tauhid defense action in a political campaign to seek support for candidate number two," JAPRI Presidium Abdul Fakhridz Al Donggowi told Bawaslu's office Central Jakarta on Tuesday (06/11/2018).

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Abdul said action campaign 211 was seen when a group of people shouted "Prabowo Presiden" screamed and raised two fingers as a symbol of Prabowo's serial number as a presidential candidate.

Abdul Chusna Farisa Abdul

In action, a child who became a speaker was also involved.

In fact, minors do not have political rights and should not be included in political activities.

"Even if we know that according to PKPU number 23 of 2018 and Electoral Law 7 of 2017 that all forms of political activities and campaigns can not involve children or non-voting citizens, said Abdul.

In his report, Abdul brought evidence in the form of a screenshot of Fahira Idris's Twitter account containing the relevant tweets about Action 21.

The second proof he brought was a video with a child's speech in Tawheed's defense.

Abdul continued, Fahira Idris's actions, which continued to reproduce and echo Tawheed's defense, were not spontaneous.

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He stressed that the action had been arranged and strengthened from the outset, so the crowd made an invitation to choose the number 2 candidate.

"We think that this incident is not a spontaneous event, but this has been established from the beginning, which has been carefully strengthened, so it calls for Muslims to vote for the number of two candidates," Abdul said.

Abdul declared that Fahira's actions had infringed Article 23 of 2018 of Article 69 (2) K and Article 20 (2) K of Law no. 7 of 2017 on elections. The two articles regulate the ban on the involvement of minors in practical politics.

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