Saturday , January 23 2021

Fans of Mourinho Heat-Juventus Beginning with Salam 3 Jari – VIVA

VIVA – Jose Mourinho's gesture, after bringing Manchester United to Juventus victory at the Allianz stadium, has become a polemic. It was known that he put three ears in his ears as the challenge of home fans to cry out louder.

Mourinho's action has fueled a number of Juventus players, such as Leonardo Bonucci and Paulo Dybala.

In fact, it is not the first time Mourinho has quarreled with Juventus fans. In the first match of the Champions League group at Old Trafford, The Special One also provoked the visitors' frustration by having three fingers.

It was suspected that Mourinho's intention at the time was for Juventus fans to remember the Treble winners, whom he captured with Inter Milan in 2010.

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho

For his last action, Mourinho admitted he was sorry. But he also said he can not bear to make the gesture because of Juventus fans' insults.

"It may not have done that, but my family was ridiculed, including the Inter Milan family, I also reacted," Mourinho said. Italian football.

"But I did not mock anyone, I just made gestures that said I wanted to hear them (Juventus supporters) harder," he said.

While Calcio Mercato reported, Juventus fans were actually from the beginning also looking for a case with Mourinho. They led the Portuguese manager with dirty sentences.

Mourinho detained Inter as the best club ever. While Juventus considers Nerazzurri to be their eternal enemy in the A Series, especially after the appearance of the Calciopoli scandal in 2006.

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