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Hasto Kristiyanto & Djarot The Spirit of Jajal Khayangan Then


Khayangan Api or abadidi fire in Bojonegoro Regency, East Java. – Wikipedia

Bisnis.com, BOJONEGORO – General Secretary of the Indonesian Battle of Democratic Party, Hasto Kristiyanto, visited the Khayangan Api location or the eternal fire that was exploited on Sunday (11/18/2018) at Singasari and Majapahit in Bojonegoro Regency, Eastern Java.

Hasto Kristiyanto was accompanied by PDP PDP chairman Djarot Saiful Hidayat, member of the Indonesian Parliament in Bojonegoro-Tuban constituency Abidin Fikri, Bojonegoro Regent Anna Muawannah and journalists.

Khayangan of fire is an eternal fire that continues to burn between heaps of stones. It is said that Khayangan Api is the place where the soldiers of the Singles Kingdom and Majapahit graduated. The location is located in a protected forest area of ​​the village of Sendangharjo, Ngasem, Bojonegoro Region, East Java.

Hasto Kristiyanto and all members of the group seemed enthusiastic. They tried to pass and sit on a bunch of rocks with a fiery fire, trying to repeat the soldier's graduation ritual as in the past.

Climb to the pile of stones, feeling the hot air. Hasto Kristiyanto kept the heat back while holding his palms together in front of his chest.

Hasto said that in the history of the civilization of the archipelago, the Kingdoms of Singgas and Majapahit used eternal fire to make an inheritance for the warriors in the archipelago.

"What is taken is spirit, so they have courage, have a spirit of enthusiasm," Hasto said.

Djarot added that the Bhayangkara troops from Singasari and Majapahit, after being trained, will be taken to the place of the eternal fire. They graduated there. Fire exotism and the location around it genuinely generate enthusiasm.

"Try to go up, we are not burned, but it feels hot, it looks like it is wrapped in the golden spirit of fire on our chest, it's all for the Homeland service, maybe a philosophy that will be used for the old Bhayangkara army, Djarot said.

Hasto Kristiyanto said that Khayangan Api is now one of the historical and cultural sites developed as a historic tourist destination. Hasto hopes that the Government of the Bojonegoro Region will still beautify its location, such as flower gardens, to attract public interest.

Bojonegoro Regent Anna Muawwanah said that his office will complete the location with a place to meditate. In this way, visitors can also come if they want to do self-insight, reflecting their way of life.

Anna also has the idea of ​​making the surrounding area a natural sports area.

"Later, maybe most of us will be doing sporting activities so they will be more vibrant and will be visitors," Anna said.

So far, most visitors to the Khayangan Api location come at night, due to the authenticity and beauty of the location.

"At present, the number of new visitors per month is about 1,000 people, and then we will grow to about 10,000 people."

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