Tuesday , May 18 2021

Instagram and Facebook Down, What's the cause?

Solopos.com, SOLO – Instagram again had problems in the last few hours. hashtag # Instagramdown has become a global trend in the Twitter social network. Down Detector has revealed significant problems faced by thousands of Instagram users who can not currently access Instagram.

reported Express.co.ukOn Wednesday (21.11.2018), many Instagram users can not load the account start page. There is an "Could not update feed" article on many app user pages.

Not only Instagram, Facebook also has a series of interruptions that make the site too accessible to many users. Facebook has officially recognized this issue through Twitter and said the company is making improvements.

"Facebook will come back soon. Facebook needs maintenance right now, but you should be able to get back in a few minutes, " Facebook said.

The interruption has become the second interruption since the previous night of November 12 caused by "routine tests". Some users say that "Service is not available" when the Facebook page opens.

Instagram and Facebook interruptions are very rare, but they can have a direct and significant impact on the internet. Billions of people access Facebook and Instagram every day, which means that even the shortest problems can hit hundreds of millions of people.

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