Sunday , November 28 2021

Is this the Lover New Ayu Ting Ting Producer? – VIVA


VIVA – The name Ayu Ting Ting is often associated with Raffi Ahmad. In fact, Ayu and Raffi are reported to have married syri. Of course, this news was rejected by Ayu and Raffi. However, the issue of approaching the two did not deviate. They continue to be connected to each other. However, a young businessman named Rudy Salim mentioned the name of Ayu's lover.

This was revealed by Rudy when he appears on the show Black. At the event, Rudy discussed the issue of his business. However, on the sidelines, Rudy made a surprising statement.

At that time, he was asked about a series of business in which he lived. He also explained some of the business he was leading with a number of colleagues.

"There are more or less business 12. There are different types of business, different," he said.

He explained some of the business he had done, starting with the property showroom sells luxury cars, agriculture and also production houses. He was involved in Raffi Ahmad's production house, RA Picture. Here he later mentioned one of the names of the men who are said to be Ayu's lovers.

"RA Picture We made 10 films with Raffi Ahmad and his girlfriend Ayu Ting Ting, Fransen Susanto, we joinan make the movie, "he explained.

Immediately, Rudy's words made Warganet excited. Some of them claimed to be curious.

"Wow, is someone who's slipping too,a Warganet said.I was curious about what she said … # girlfriend filming, another said.Wow, sir, do not publish your girlfriend now, Ayu,the others said.The next time I slid my girlfriend, the others said.PR is for netizens with the words of their friend and friend, another said.

Fransen is rumored to be a producer at RA Picture. On the Instagram of this conceited man, there are photographs showing the approach of Ayu and Fransen.

Just that, in another photo, Fransen appears also presenting with a number of artists playing in the movie.

In the meantime, there was no objection or affirmation either from Ayu or from Fransen.

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