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Keeping the Jakarta Patient-Free Program, the Government of Jakarta in the Capital, 132 cats


KRICOM – The Office of Food, Marine and Agriculture Assistance (KPKP) in East Jakarta has castration or castration against male cats. This is done to keep the Rabies-Free Jakarta program.

Head of the East Jakarta sub-department of KPKP, Irma Budiany, said his party cast 132 cats. He pointed out that if the non-fat cat is a pet cat.

"Not a wild cat, so this castration activity was based on the owner of the cat," Irma told reporters on Thursday (11/15/2018).

"A total of 137 cats were collected, after being selected, five were removed due to the disease, so the 132 cats were castrated. The cat must have an owner and be castrated by this local cat, the owner must have a DKI ID and the cat must have been vaccinated against rabies

Irma continued, besides this castration on cats, the KPKP subdivision. They carried out three activities to launch the Rabies Free Jakarta program, including massive vaccinations against rabies every year, catching wild and non-owner cats and dogs, and castration.

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The castration activity of cats was organized by the KPKP subdivision at East Jakarta at the Duren Sawit District Office Hall, East Jakarta on Wednesday (11/14/2018).

Irman added that the enthusiasm of the inhabitants to throw their cats was good enough because the KPKP subdivision was far away, and if the residents did it to the vet, they had to pay more than 500,000 Rp.

"The community is excited to participate in this activity because the costs are free, even if they are vets, is above Rp 500,000," he concluded.

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