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Komnas HAM version, weapons belonging to FPI Laskar manufacturers and classified as …



JAKARTAKomnas HAM firearms used by Islamic Defense Front troops ( REIT ) is a homemade weapon. He became known after that Komnas HAM seek the advice of an expert, including from Pindad.

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commissioner Komnas HAM The Anam Choir said there were six weapons experts in Pindad who were surveyed with expertise in ammunition, weapons, metallurgy, combat vehicles and product quality assurance. According to experts, the weapons used meet the standards and are classified as sophisticated.

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“The procedure also meets the requirements. Visible assessment of evidence that comes from firearms, but does not include manufactured or unproduced weapons,” Choirul Anam told a news conference on Friday (August 1, 2001).

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Investigators also reconstructed the shooting of two FPI members and four FPI members at the HAM Komnas office to investigate the two incidents.

Previous, Komnas HAM said the incident of shooting six Islamic Defense Front (REIT) troops on the Jakarta-Cikampek KM 50 toll road was a violation of human rights. Therefore, Komnas HAM recommends law enforcement with a criminal mechanism.

Commissioner Komnas HAM The Anam Choir conveyed this at a press conference at the Komnas HAM Office, Menteng, Central Jakarta, on Friday (01.08.2021) afternoon.

He said that the application of the law through the mechanism of the criminal court is necessary to obtain complete material truth and to uphold justice.

“Incidents of the death of FPI troops are a category of human rights violations,” Choirul Anam said.


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