Saturday , August 13 2022

Luna Maya does not want to talk about Reino Barack's relationship


JAKARTA, – Luna Maya's role-maker opens to Boy William's love story about the love story that fled businessman Reino Barack.

The Moon revealed the relationship he had encountered with Reino in a movie titled "Opening the Mayan Moon in Boy William's Car."

However, when the issue is re-excavated in an event at the Taman Anggrek mall, west of Jakarta on Tuesday (11 June 2018), Luna does not want to discuss the issue again.

"I do not want personal problems," said Luna, who was divided by three men well-built in Batik's clothes.

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"Ok, yes, thank you"he continued, then left the interview.

During the movie with Boy, the Moon admitted that his main cause and Reino decided to separate because there was no blessing from Reino's parents who had not received the moon's past.

"Actually, nothing is happening anyway. From the beginning I already knew it was hard. From the beginning, there was a big barrier on the part of the family. Everybody knows. It is not approved, "Luna said.

"I will not lie, I want to say what happened to me in the past, from the beginning I said it would not be easy with whoever I am, so I already know, this will happen, he added.

However, the Moon does not blame anyone. He respected the thoughts of Reino's parents, who certainly wanted the best for their son.

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