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Police call Ratna Sarumpaet Many read in jail


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – The case of false suspicion Ratna Sarumpaet mentioned in good health and normal state, being detained Polda Metro Jaya. The police said that Ratna did a lot of positive activities in the middle of the legal process.

"Every time I check the activities of Ms. Ratna Sarumpaet, her activities are a lot of reading," Police Head of Public Relations Department in Jakarta, Pol. Argo Yuwono at the Jaya Metro Regional Police.

Ratna's condition in the detention facility is certainly good. Argo said the Metro Police had special doctors who were ready to check the health of the inmates inside.

"So, for example, the problem is that he is ill, we are ready for a doctor at the Metro Jaya Regional Police Department. Doctors are also available without being asked," he said.

Health checks, he continued, are carried out periodically and professionally carried out. In addition to Ratna's health, Ratna's legal process also takes place at the High Prosecutor.

The Prosecutor's Office has 14 days to process Ratna's case in court. Argo ensures that the police will be ready to provide Ratna's papers if there is no need for a prosecutor's office.

"We will continue to coordinate and communicate with the prosecutor's office, perhaps we believe there will be P19, which is a lack of files, something that needs to be improved, we are ready to improve," he said firmly.

Earlier, Atiqah Hasiholan admitted that last year his mother, Ratna Sarumpaet, was treated to a psychiatrist. He said his mother was depressed for the last year.

"My mother made a year under the treatment of a psychiatrist, it was really depressed," Atiqah told the Metro Jaya regional police headquarters on Wednesday (7/11).

According to Atiqah, the fact of being in detention has made Ratna's mentality bad. Besides the limited situation, the pressures made her mother get worse.

"Being in detention certainly disturbs the psyche even worse, certainly all those in detention are under pressure, but because my mother's condition had to consult the doctor and the treatment eventually worsened," he said. he said.

Ratna was detained on October 5 after being named suspect in spreading rage about persecution. Article 14 of the Law no. 1 of 1946 on criminal regulations and Article 28 of Article 45 of the Electronic Information and Electronic Transactions Act (ITE).

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