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Prabowo-Password wants to raise the teacher's salary to Rp 20 million / month


Jakarta – If elected president and vice president, Prabowo-Sandi will raise the salaries of teachers. Teacher's salary will be increased to Rp 20 million / month.

Vice President of the national winning body Prabowo-Sandi, Mardani Ali Sera, teachers are one of the main factors in building Indonesia. Raising teacher salaries will cause the passion and quality of teaching.

"Therefore, the figure of 20 million is a shocking effect that the teacher has to get the attention and the figure of 20 million is mainly for the professional teachers who graduated from different things," Mardani said when speaking with detikFinanceWednesday (11/21/2018).

Mardani explained, teachers who receive a salary of Rp 20 million must meet the qualifications specified later. Mardani said the teacher must be professional and at least be able to master two languages, including English.

"So, there is grade A, grade B, grade C, grade A is of course qualified that the quality of English is fine, which can speak two languages, grade A may be higher than that of professional teachers," he added.

The prosperous party of the Justice Party said that the welfare of teachers could improve quality. Finally, he said he would have an impact on the curriculum and on the birth of quality human resources.

"It is very influential, if we are aware of two things, teachers and programs are not air-conditioned school buildings, teachers and curriculum, qualified teachers, quality curriculum will increase Indonesian human resources," he said.

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