Thursday , March 30 2023

Reasons Rahmawati Kekey wants to be a beauty Vlogger makes Sad & Haru


Because video make the tutorial was viral, the figure of Rahmawati Kekeyi Putri Cantika became popular. This condition has caused many 23-year-olds to be invited by several television stations and YouTuber as a guest star. One of them is Nagita Slavina.

You know that many social network users are curious about Kekey's face, and Nagita made a session Question and answer (QnA) that was uploaded to YouTube on Rans Entertainment on November 7, 2018.

Through the video, the facts of Keke's life are very inspiring, especially for women. Although seen as a secure person on the video, Kekey was a victim bully of friends.

This is because it has an imperfect physical state. Even so, behavior bully in fact, motivated him to become a person beautiful vlogger.

The reason I succeeded make tutorial because it was oncebully are just my friends. di-bully I am ugly, short, fat. Why are short, fat people like me, why they can not be beautiful, they should be beautiful, "said Kekey.

Many behave unpleasantly with their friends, the Nganjuk woman claims her little heart feels often sad. Sometimes, to shed its sadness, it can only be made in his domestic hens.

"If againbully, sometimes I often go to the toilet to cry. I did not tell anyone like a mother or a friend. At least if I want to tell you chickens, Kekey added later.

Although often a victim bully, Kekey makes it a habit to always smile and be confident. Because for him, the answer to someone through a smile is a wonderful thing.

"If it's turned on-bully just say "oh yes, thank you" kayak PD only. I smile the most or laugh. Because the smile is beautiful, "he added.

Not only have you ever been a victim bully, Kekey is also called an inspirational figure because he continues to work and aspires to be a successful person, despite being in economic constraints.

From the video, it was known that Rahmawati's parents worked as migrant workers in Hong Kong and met last two years ago. Currently, Rahmawati claims she lives in a house owned by her aunt and aunt.

Rahmawati's life story has also made many social media users feel moved to see Kekey's struggle. Not a few netizens who express their admiration for Kekey because they remain confident in the conditions they live in.

This video of QnA Nagita with Kekey has been watched more than 1 million times. Even the video that lasted for 23 minutes has become trending number one on YouTube.


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