Friday , January 27 2023

Refused to install new mobile phones, a man cuts his little finger


TRIBUNMANADO.CO.ID, MANADO – I do not know what was in the mind of man, so he despised his little finger when his intention to change his cell phone was rejected by a store.

The story begins when a 40-year-old man comes to a toophone in the town of Minks, Belarus to buy a new phone.

For the mobile store staff, the unidentified man said he wanted to buy a new phone by the way installments.

However, the request was rejected by the store clerk on the grounds that the man was still in arrears on phone payments.

The man who turns out to be unemployed then pays all his debts, but the store still does not reject his request.

Rejected, the man then left the mobile phone store and went to a supermarket in the same location, the Korona shopping center.

Instead, the man found a kitchen knife. He took the knife to open the pack and put his hand on the floor.

Then, the CCTV cameras recorded a shocking thing, using the kitchen knife that the man cut with his little finger.

"He then took his finger back to the telephone store and threw his finger at the store manager who declined his request to buy a new mobile phone," a police statement said.

After the action, the man left the store calmly. While the manager was silent for a thousand languages ​​because he was very surprised.

After the incident was reported, the police searched for the man and questioned the intent of his reckless action.

The policeman explained that his actions were a run of anger because the telephone store manager had misled him.

The man added that he would not pay his debts if he knew he would eventually refuse to buy a new mobile phone.

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