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Retrieve Falcon 9, SpaceX focuses on preparing the Giant BFR rocket

[ad_1], Jakarta – Falcon 9 rocket has been withdrawn because SpaceX focuses on developing a huge rocket rocket called the Big Falcon Rocket (BFR). This means that the Falcon 9 rocket will no longer be used for the next release.

reported from Engaget, On Sunday (18.11.2018), news about Falcon 9 rocket retreat was delivered directly by SpaceX CEO Elon Musk via his Twitter account.

Unfortunately, Musk does not say when BFR is ready to be used. But, referring to his statement last March, SpaceX aims to launch early orbits by 2020.

Falcon 9 has previously launched to send Qatar Es-hail-2 communications satellite into orbit. Launch marks the 18th SpaceX mission in 2018, equivalent to company registration in 2017.

Earlier, Falcon 9 launched the Telsat 19 VANTAGE satellite in July and landed on the ship drone autonomous SpaceX in the Atlantic Ocean. It seems that the launch of satellite communications in Qatar was Falcon's last mission 9.

But SpaceX's decision to focus on building a BFR missile was considered the right step. Reportedly, the BFR project is an ambitious SpaceX project because the BFR missile is of a very large size.

The BFR is said to be 387 meters tall or about 118 meters, and 30 feet or 9.1 meters in diameter. The BFR rack has even a higher position than the Statue of Liberty, which is only 151 feet tall.

It is estimated that BFR will be able to deliver 100 people and 150 tons of food, beverages and other logistical needs in space. The main purpose of BFRs is human colonization on Mars.

The information shows that the BFR rocket consists of two important parts. The first is a rocket booster at the bottom, while the second is a space ship that can be repeatedly used at the top.

BFR will perform its first mission in 2023 by bringing the Japanese billionaires and a group of artists around the moon. Many parties are amazed at the realization of BFR that have great dimensions and capabilities.

So it seems that SpaceX will focus on completing the BFR project to make a more sophisticated future rocket. [NM/HBS]

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