Sunday , June 26 2022

The Ministry of Transport will release online carriers


There have been again cases of sexual abuse of passengers in online transport

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – The Ministry of Transport (Kemenhub) has threatened to freeze online application service operators. This freeze will be performed if the operator can not guarantee the security and safety of his users.

"We will give a warning and an assessment that will be used as a material for the Ministry of Communications and Information to review the operation of its applicator," said Monday (5/11), General Director of Land Transport, Ministry of Transport, Budi Setiyadi , from Jakarta.

The statement was sent by Hubdar Budi Setiyadi's general manager in connection with several cases of alleged abuses and criminal acts committed by the Grab Car driver's partner against his users some time ago. According to Budi, of course, the stages in which the operator is unable to maintain the security and safety of his users are preceded by the freezing of operations.

Budi claimed to be upset, so he had to be more assertive because such cases have repeatedly occurred. "We have often communicated with the operators (Grab and Go-Jek) and promised them the guidance of their leading partners. But the evidence is something else to do," he said.

Budi therefore suspects that a harassment case has occurred due to the guidance that should have been done by the Malaysian online carrier, which has not reached the root of the problem. "This is a system that is too recruited. Even the driver recruitment process might be like buying a cat in the bag," he said.

It has to be serious

Meanwhile, the Transport Observatory of the Institute for Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Heru Sutadi, agreed that sexual abuse cases should be taken seriously. This is related to the ability of the online transport service company to guarantee the comfort and safety of its users.

"Passenger safety must be a major concern. When it can not guarantee this, the public will question the ability of the service provider," Heru said.

Encouragement by the driving partner to the passenger is indeed discussed, even leading to the community's demands to freeze the operation of the online transport application company that refines it.

This request is in the form of an online petition initiated by Dewi Mardianti on and more than 3,500 people have been signed.

According to Heru, the appearance of requests for freezing operations was fairly grounded, because similar cases of abuse did not happen once. In 2017-2018, at least 12 cases of sexual harassment committed by the driver's partner occurred.

"If it reoccurs, I feel that there is no serious effort to solve this case. Execution can not be right suspend (delay), then the incident again. Therefore, I agree, the government must also see the concerns and demands of users, "he said.

In the last month, discussions and discussions on cases of sexual abuse that occurred in on-line application-based transport were really crowded. Starting from the curhman made by the friend of the passenger who received sexual harassment.

Writing currant is loaded by @lambe_ojol and uploaded to your account @qitmr on Twitter on October 8 to receive a response of 5.332 retweets.

Grab also responded to this case by explaining the social media and sending an effort to reunite victims of abusive abuse.

Suddenly, the explanation received an extraordinary response from Warganet for up to 1000 times a response, most of which questioned Grab's attitude in dealing with abuse cases in a way that could make victims more traumatized.

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