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Tomorrow, Odd Even applies to the Tambun Toll Gate


Tomorrow, Odd Even applies to the Tambun Toll Gate
A number of vehicles were blocked in traffic in section KM 37, Cikarang, Bekasi, western Java, the Danube (10/6), Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road. – Antara, BEKASI – The government is preparing two maneuver options to overcome traffic congestion on the Jakarta – Cikampek toll road due to the construction of national strategic projects such as the construction of high-rise roadselevated), Jakarta-Bandung fast rail, and easy rail transport (LRT) Jabodebek.

Bambang Prihartono, chairman of the Jabodetabek Transport Management Agency (BPTJ), said the first option was to optimize PM18 / 2018 as regards the partial number of policies that would be applied to the Tambun toll gate, as was previously at the doors of the Bekasi and Bekasi West at 06.00 WIB – 09.00 WIB

Bambang said that by numerical policy optimization, it was expected to have an impact on Cikampek's speeding up to 60% and the V / C rate by about 17%. Then, the direction to Jakarta V / C will drop by 14% and the speed will increase by 26%.

The second option is to appeal to private vehicles to choose alternative roads, namely Kalimalang at 21.00 WIB – 05.00 WIB, since at that time there were often severe agglomerations in toll road traffic Jakarta-Cikampek.

"We called for the Kalimalang alternative road because the traffic was empty at that time. I investigated it," he said on Wednesday (11/14/2018).

In addition, he appealed to private vehicles with four wheels not to enter the toll gate at the same time at the central toll gate Cikarang, Cikarang Barat 1 and 5, Cibatu, Cibitung 1 and 2, Bekasi Timur 1 and 2, Bekasi Barat 1 and 2, Cikunir 1, 2 and 3, Pondok Gede Timur 1 and 2 and Pondok Gede Barat 1 and 2.

Bambang said that if the appeal had been respected by the community, there would be a drop in the V / C relative to Cikampek by about 9% and an increase in the 20% speed. Then the V / C ratio drops to Jakarta by 8%, and the speed increases at night by about 31%.

He also said there would be stricter rules on the use of lanes, eg ways 1 and 2 were for III-V and III-V buses and trucks, while bands 3 and 4 for Class I and II vehicles .

On the other hand, his party has socialized by installing variable signaling devices / traffic control devices, particularly in West Cikarang and Cibitung, so logistics trucks follow the appeal.

"At the two locations the leakage rate was up, reaching 60%, while in West Cikarang every three hours (06.00 WIB-09.00 WIB) 65 trucks and Cibitung were 114 trucks and it was quite large," so it has an impact on speed, "he said.

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