Friday , March 31 2023

WhatsApp Prepares QR code functions to add contacts


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – WhatsApp re-update the app. This instant messaging application makes it easy to add friends for users. With features QR Code, WhatsApp users can easily add a new contact list by scanning only your mobile phone.

Reporting from independently the company seems to work to integrate the QR code into the app. This feature makes it easy to add new friends.

This new feature is owned by other instant messaging platforms like SnapChat. However, it seems that WhatsApp believes that this feature makes contacts to be added more quickly.

To display the QR code, users must choose the option to share their contact data. The new friend in question can hold his phone and display the QR code he has.

Later, WhatsApp will scan the QR code with a camera and the application will automatically add scanned contacts to the existing list.

WhatsApp notes that QR codes can prove useful to companies. Business people can show their QR codes on websites or even in real stores, and allow their customers to connect more easily with them.

WhatsApp will improve a more traditional way to add contacts. The new feature will replace the old and complicated way of adding new contacts.

These features have been seen in WhatSApp beta for iOS. These updates usually reach the main version as soon as they arrive in beta. Earlier, WhatsApp already had a QR Code feature to sync the applications that were opened on the site. (Age)

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