Thursday , March 23 2023

Age will not be a barrier to Shaun Williams at the age of 32 because he seems to make an impact with Ireland


Shaun Williams insists age is not a barrier because he wants to play Peter Pan in the Irish team.

But manager Martin O'Neill warned Millwall midfielder that the caps will not be tapped.

At 32, Williams is the third-oldest player behind Colin Doyle and Richard Keogh in a team that arrived in Denmark last night.

But only six players available for this League of Nations kick have fewer caps than the former Irish League star.

Limited by only three times, playing time proved to be difficult to come from his debut in France in the summer.

Williams must have thought the tide would return after he impressed in Poland two months ago – but he was frozen in the last three games.

However, at least he is inside the tent.

This is why Malahide does not intend to let go of his understanding of the Euro2020 qualifiers in March.

The ultimate goal is to play a role in an Irish team playing in Dublin during the final.

Williams would be 33, but he says he does not care, because his game will still be the same as he can not lose what he has never had.

"I think I've read the game pretty well," he said before the Aarhus match tomorrow. "You have no legs, no legs.

"I am left, but if necessary, I will go right. Passing is definitely my power and reading the game.

"I may be one of the players who do not get titles, but I'm a team player.

"If someone needs coverage, I'm there. I think that's why I played so many games at Millwall." The manager (Neil Harris) trusts me. "

Williams's debut in Paris this summer was a dream come true and added, "I've been waiting all my career to play for Ireland."

But O'Neill left Williams wondering what the future means, after giving a rough evaluation of former Fingal Sporting and Drogheda United.

"I would like it if it had a lower pace," the Irish chief said. "He's a cute player when he's in the song. We have some players who might be in front of him.

"It is a case of trying to establish you internationally. You need this opportunity and maybe it's something that's missing."

Neill added, "I can not give people (caps) to people.

"He probably missed a lot of things, because people thought the rhythm would let him down. But for his sake, he could grab a game.

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