Tuesday , March 21 2023

Crumlin reviewed 3,500 transcripts of genetic testing


Our Dublin Children's Hospital performs a preventive analysis of approximately 3500 transcripts of BRACA genetic test results due to what it believes was a transcription error with a test result.

The hospital said that all facts now indicate the case being an isolated incident caused by human error.

"The Children's Hospital Group apologizes to the woman who is at the heart of this transcription error and regrets the series of events that have led to the current difficult situation.

This was communicated to the woman involved through her treatment clinician, she said.

The review is expected to be completed by next week.

The hospital said it wanted to provide reassurance to other tested patients that there was no testing error and therefore there was no cause for concern or distress.

The patient was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and is very ill.

The problem involves the Department of Clinical Genetics at the hospital.

RTÉ news have found out that a staff member is on leave because of the events.

The Children's Hospital Lady's Hospital said she can not discuss patients' individual cases.

Details of the case were reported in the Irish edition of The Sunday Times.

It is understood that the blood test for what is called the "BRACA 1" gene was sent by Crumlin for testing in a UK hospital in September 2009.

The British hospital reported a positive gene test and told Crumlin, but this was not passed on to the patient.

A positive result means that a patient has a much higher risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer than someone who does not have the BRACA gene mutation.

The hospital review should examine how the information was not properly communicated to the woman by Crumlin.

RTÉ News understands that the patient has been diagnosed with cancer this year and is undergoing treatment.

A spokeswoman for Health Minister Simon Harris said the Health Department was heard on Friday evening by the HSE.

The Department has since informed the Minister.

Subsequently, the Minister contacted the Children's Hospital Group, overseeing Crumlin's operations.

"The Minister has been assured that steps are being taken to ensure that the error that appears here is not reproduced elsewhere."

The statement added: "The Minister has asked to be updated on these topics and the Hospital Group expects to be able to provide a clearer picture early next week."

Following interrogations, Crumlin Hospital told RTÉ News that it is dedicated to a culture that promotes an open and positive approach to incident management.

He said the hospital follows the HSE Incident Management Framework in relation to incidents reporting.

The hospital said that in July 2018, Crumlin provided additional resources to support the Department of Clinical Genetics to improve services.

Crumlin said that a multi-professional external team led by an experienced health manager working in the UK was assisting the Department of Clinical Genetics to deliver an improved service to patients and clinical service users

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