Wednesday , March 29 2023

Many owners "deliberately violating the law"


Owners' scores are "deliberate violation of the law" and an attempt to increase rents by more than 4% a year in areas designated as hubs of rent, according to the residential housing council.

So far, 331 litigation litigation cases have been submitted to RTB this year, especially in areas with pressure hiring areas.

In a matter of weeks, it is to gain new powers to investigate and fine the owners.

The Residential Housing Act (amendment) 2018 is in the final stages of development and will be brought to government in the coming weeks.

The main purpose of the draft law is to strengthen and increase the implementation of rent pressure areas and strengthen RTB competences and functions, investigate and enforce housing law

Rosalind Carroll, the director of the Residential Housing Board, believes the hurdle pressure zone rules will be taken more seriously when its skills are improved.

"At present there are a number of different cohorts, those who respect, those who try to conform and mistaken it a little, and then people who deliberately violate the law and have to go out and use ourselves have strong powers against those people ".

The rental pressure zone rules apply to existing locations and properties already on the market with a new tenant, and the owners have to give the last rent to a new tenant.

Despite criticism from housing organizations and politicians that rent pressure areas are not working, Ms Carroll said in other countries that there is a rent regulation "the biggest failures are lack of enforcement and lack of information."

RTB urges tenants not to be afraid to come forward.

"We had a case this week that a landlord had misaligned the rent, the tenant caused them … and received damages worth 13,000 euros, so these cases that come before us under the current law are treated very seriously. "

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