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It is said that the Queen falls in love with the finer things in life, as well as with the favorites of everyday supermarkets. On her food list, you will find special K cereals, chocolate, McVitie biscuits and Heinz ketchup. She is also a great fan of champagne and treats her with a glass every night after a long day of work.

According to the queen's former royal chef, Darren McGrady, her Majesty knows what she likes and lacks.

She takes afternoon tea every day without any mistake.

It has a "no carbohydrate" rule, which is the strictest when Prince Philip is a lover of food, but this has a certain scrupulousness.

For tea, it has finger sandwiches filled with cucumber, smoked salmon, eggs and mayonnaise or ham and mustard.

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The queen likes cut crust, which might be to save some calories.

She also has honey gowns for tea – small sandwiches of raspberries cut into circles the size of an English penny.

The tea is also served with rich tea biscuits, cakes and cakes of the mother, with honey and cream sponge, ginger, fruit and chocolate cake being served at Duke and Ducesa's wedding in Cambridge, according to McGrady.

Another royal chef, who worked for Princess Diana, solved the old age dilemma, which first meets on a lint: jam or coagulation cream.

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He said, "First of all, eat cream or hug cream?

How does she drink her tea?

Grant Harrold, the former royal butler of Prince Charles, revealed this to the BBC.

He said that since the 18th century, the "good" way of preparing tea was to serve tea before milk, and this is something that British royalties adhere to.

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Speaking of the queen's favorite tea, Mr. Harrold explained, "I'm sure Queen enjoys Assam or Earl Gray, traditionally made with tea leaves in a teapot and poured into a delicate cup in China.

"It will also use a filter.

"It's also a myth that copyright members use their pinky when they drink, I have never seen this happen once."

Mr Harrold said that, in addition to tea that comes in front of milk, the "right" method of making tea is to mix it back and forth in a circle and never with the spoon touching the sides.

Finally, you should always drink delicately from the cup and never leave it.

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