Thursday , January 20 2022

Recruiters fly home Kilkenny ex-pats from Australia for jobs in Ireland


One of the country's leading recruitment specialists, FRS Recruitment, offers a free home flight from Australia to any expatriate who helps to get a job in Kilkenny or elsewhere in the country.

Special encouragement was introduced to encourage people who moved down during the recession to re-evaluate the employment opportunities available in Ireland, especially those in the construction, IT and health sectors.

This announcement comes before a special organization organized by Ireland announcing the launch of a recruitment showroom organized by FRS Recruitment, which takes place this week in Australia, where jobs in Kilkenny and other Irish opportunities will be highlighted.

The show will visit Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and will run from Thursday, November 8th to Tuesday, November 13th. Roadshow participants will receive a series of information about returning to Ireland, information on the current Irish job market, including salary details, as well as practical advice on how to handle logistics and documents concerned.

The flight offer will be offered to anyone who successfully carries out a job with FRS Recruitment. While the offer extends to all sectors, the FRS will target staff wishing to work in the construction, IT, healthcare, medical / pharmaceutical and financial sectors during the road show, given the special demand for skilled personnel in these industries.

Talking about why they decided to take this step, said Colin Donnery, Director General of FRS Recruitment, "As the country is getting closer to full employment, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find suitably qualified staff. in Kilkenny and across Ireland are increasingly looking to find people to take on important roles. These companies are not just filling vacant positions, but finding a suitable candidate to meet their needs.

"During the recession, many skilled and educated people left these shores to look for opportunities that simply were no longer available in Ireland. Australia was a particularly popular location, given the blooming job market Down Under at Many of these expatriates have continued to develop a strong career in Australia, increasing their experience and maintaining impressive CVs.

"Having a broad relationship with the Irish community in Australia, we are aware of a significant number of expats who have hopes of returning home." Ireland's point of view is to help these people understand how important are the opportunities in Ireland at the moment.

"We hope that by providing people with job details by giving them key wages and logistical information, while providing them with free flight incentives, it will encourage more people to seriously consider praying in Ireland. We have a significant number of roles available in every part of Ireland, including a wide range in Kilkenny.

"There is currently a particularly strong demand for staff in construction, IT, health, medical / pharmaceutical and financial devices. There are a lot of Irish people working in these sectors in Australia who would be of great interest to employers in this We know how much skill sets are needed in this market and how these great positions could provide a fantastic opportunity.

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