Saturday , March 6 2021

Stores are facing new rules on selling alcohol since Monday

Alcohol sales will be banned from Monday’s supermarket voucher schemes, while popular multi-purchase offers will also be abandoned.

The changes appear as part of the government’s efforts to reduce alcohol consumption under the 2018 Public Health (Alcohol) Act.

The law was gradually introduced in the last year, but will eventually reach consumers in a more meaningful way next week.

From Monday, January 11, three new measures will be introduced.

Retailers will be prohibited from selling alcohol at a reduced price based on the purchase of another product or service. This means that popular offers, such as “buy six bottles for EUR 50”, will be banned, but discounts on individual bottles of alcohol will still be allowed.

Offering loyalty points for alcohol sales will also be banned, while short-term promotions of three days or less will also be banned.

Grocers and unlicensed outlets will also be prohibited from granting loyalty card points for alcohol sales.

Damage reduction

Alcohol Action Ireland, an advocate for reducing alcohol harm, welcomed the move.

These regulations will act as a small impediment to encouraging greater use and thus help reduce the damage caused by alcohol. Crucially, the cessation of short-term promotion, so evident in many supermarkets, will bring some reasons for what has really been a reckless reduction in alcohol prices, “Eunan McKinney, head of communications with The Irish Times, told The Irish Times of advocacy.


The government is considering reducing license hours, …

The main purpose of the law is to reduce alcohol consumption. The first changes were introduced in November 2019, when alcohol advertising was banned at bus stations, 200 meters from all schools and during certain movies at cinemas.

Subsequently, in November 2020, the alcohol sections of the supermarkets were surrounded in separate areas of barriers, which had to be at least 1.2 meters high.

Then, in November 2021, it is forbidden to advertise with alcohol at sporting events or events for children and events involving driving or racing.

Earlier this week, T√°naiste Leo Varadkar suggested reducing the licensing program, but it tried to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

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