Wednesday , March 29 2023

The firefighters save the man in the dramatic rescue of the Shannon River


Heroic firefighters launched into the Shannon River tonight to save a man in 20 years from drowning.

The dramatic rescue of the rivers took place near the Callaghan Strand in Limerick, shortly after a call from 999 was received by Munster Regional Fire Control at 17.10.

Four units of the Fire and Rescue Service of the city of Limerick, including the fast rescue rocket, Fire Swift, were immediately deployed on the ground.

On arrival, two Swiftwater Fire Rescue Technicians (SRT) went into the water and swim the man.

"They saved him with just a few seconds to escape while he was about to go under water," a source said.

"The man was brought to the steps of O'Callaghan Strand, near the Strand hotel, where he was treated by HSE firemen and paramedics," they added.

The man was transported by ambulance to Limerick University Hospital, where he was treated for "severe hypothermia" and "water inhalation".

The condition of the man is not considered life-threatening.

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