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This is the hungrier I have ever had in my career, "Kilcoyne insists


Time to shine: Dave Kilcoyne is in line to make his first start of the month against the US on Saturday. Photo: Sportsfile
Time to shine: Dave Kilcoyne is in line to make his first start of the month against the US on Saturday. Photo: Sportsfile

Cian Tracey

After the team from Ireland left Carton House for the city center last Thursday, Dave Kilcoyne made the trip alone on M7.

Joe Schmidt delayed team appointment to play All Blacks by the end of the week, but deep down, Kilcoyne knew he would have an injury so he could force his way.

Not that he did not put everything in a training week, which, by all counts, was as full as possible.

Kilcoyne watched the epic victory at home in Limerick, surrounded by his family. It was not as though he had gone to Aviva, but Kilcoyne was pleased that he could not do much more to force Schmidt's hand.

"You are in the wrong game if you are not envious of the game," recognizes Kilcoyne.

"I complained to be there, I would have given you something other than to realize your role, and for this week I had to prepare the team as well as I could.


"I thought I did that during the week. I had a hard week.

This week is a very different role for Kilcoyne, who is in line to make the first start of the month. With Cian Healy determined to rest and Jack McGrath returns to Leinster, there is a head opening for the Munster Bridge.

At 29 years of age he enjoyed an excellent season at Munster and, when he entered his career, he brought this form to Chicago when he made a huge impact on the bank against Italy in early November.

"This is the hungrier I've ever had in my career," Kilcoyne insists. "A part of a winning team who beat All Blacks – you are there with the best teams in the world if you play in that team, so it just drives hunger.

"It's about coming here and going to Irish details. In this environment, you have to attach your details, because if it's not then you will not take too long."

Like Healy, Kilcoyne struggled with his weight in the last year, while he seems to find the optimal size that will first allow scrummage to a high level and also allowing him to carry explosives around the ground.

"Yes, the main thing I see in my game is scrummaging, if I go or solve it, it's a bonus," says Ardscoil R. student.

"I felt on a Sunday after a Saturday game, the way the game disappeared, the props could play 50 or 60 minutes. I felt that Sunday could be an opportunity to enter and make a weight session .

"To get in and get an early climb this week is an additional session done before the start of the week even begins. Generally, I would also raise daily also so that two sessions of weight added to your weekly schedule.

"I saw only a window that I can maximize. I have my beliefs about over-training I think you can be sub-recovered or under-eat but I do not think you can prepare too much Know how S & C and others will not be but this is my faith. "

Since he is coming back next month, Kilcoyne has a good understanding of what works best for his body.

He knows that with two Lions props in front of him, in the order of the thigh, the possibilities to sustain their claim from the beginning in a green shirt are limited.

"If you look at how aggressive our crushed sessions are, it's probably the toughest ashes you'll get," he adds. "They are really competitive sessions and everyone is struggling to be disciplined and to really go to each other.

"Days of digging during training are few, but there is bread and butter, everyone wants to do it.

"They are extremely competitive sessions, and that is filtered through the game. I do not doubt it will be exactly the same weekend."

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