Tuesday , March 21 2023

Why the royal couple is leading oneself


With their titles and riches, you would not be alone, considering it is normal for royal family members to have a driver always in standby.

But, as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle showed last week, you're more likely to see them in the driver's seat than open the door.

On Wednesday, Harry ruled himself and Meghan at a 70-year party from Prince Charles's birth at Buckingham Palace, as did Prince William and Kate Middleton.

According to an expert in the royal protocol, the decision as to when the races are behind the wheel is limited to whether the event is a public or private engagement.

"The modern kingdom tends to turn to private parties and engagements because it's just a private event," said William Hanson, Mail online.

The reason explains why Harry ruled Meghan at the evening wedding event that was closed to the public.

But, more and more, the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex seem to use more "normal" methods to reach and from the royal commitments.

In September, the commuters were screamed in a frenzy when Meghan and Harry were seen – you're hunting – you catch a train after an event at Loughborough University.

In a video cast on Twitter, the royal couple could be seen walking through Loughborough in hand while being surrounded by mind and security.

In the meantime, Meghan took things even (after some on social media), when he closed his car door at his first solo event in London.

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