Friday , January 27 2023

Ayelet Shaked: "I will end the judicial revolution in my second term"


Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked dropped criticism on Thursday, addressing his latest disclosure of a police investigation by former Bar Association Israel's Effie Naveh, and his alleged abuse of influence to promote court appointments in exchange for sexual favors.

Speaking at a law seminar at Jerusalem's Dan Hotel, Thursday night, Shaked pushed against what she called "unprimed, dishonest and instigating accusations against me", including "false accusations."

"The most disappointing of all the attacks is the attack by Knesset members on the left, including those with whom I have worked in the Knesset in an open and honest manner." I know well, our differences are about ideology, but we have always seen them as partners in our work [my attackers] are women, and that disappoints me. They take advantage of this scandal to promote a nasty personal campaign against me. "

Despite the attacks, Shaked has promised not to be discouraged in his judicial reform work and restoring the balance between government branches.

"Left political leftovers will not stop me." I'm going to serve another four-year term as minister of justice until the judicial revolution I'm leading is completed, and I will repeat what I said and the main justice yesterday: we have faith in the capacity of the law enforcement system to deal with this scandal and reach the bottom. "

The left-wing deputies targeted the Justice Minister following the announcement Wednesday that Naveh is under investigation because he would have promoted more appointments in exchange for sexual favors.

Naveh, who resigned on Thursday as head of the Israel Bar Association, worked closely with Shaked in his effort to reform the judiciary and promote the appointment of conservative judges.

Following Naveh's arrest Wednesday, Shaked said the revelation marked a "stormy day" for her as Justice Minister.

"This is a stormy day for me as minister of justice and as a woman," Shaked said, pointing out that "Israel's judges are doing their work faithfully, and we hope the investigation will be completed shortly." I was not called for testimony or interrogated . "

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