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India Planning tax incentives for co-productions


12:28 AM PST 11/22/2018


Nyay Bhushan

The Film Facilitation Office in India also simplifies the procedures for foreign films that intend to film in the country.

India hopes to attract co-productions by offering taxes and other financial incentives.

It is expected that this move will be based on the various co-production treaties that the country has signed over the years with countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany and China among others. In addition, the government has also worked towards rationalizing shooting procedures, from fast visas to local security clearance, for foreign productions through the FFO, launched in 2016.

A detailed policy on tax benefits is in the planning stages, according to Ashok Parmar, Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Audiovisual, films. While specifying how the government is working to streamline licensing procedures at a session at the Goa Film Bazaar, Parmar said The Hollywood reporter that the government hopes to prepare a document in time for the Cannes Film Festival and next year.

At the Film Bazaar, the FFO has also launched its revised website, which provides complete information about filming procedures and lists various professional associations and other bodies. FFO has so far supported around 75 international film projects in India, The extraordinary journey of Fakir and the Swedish film Iqbal and Indian jewelery.

Now, in the 11th year, the Film Bazaar event, organized by the National Film Film Corporation, has become an important platform for talent incubation through production workshops and scripts. In recent years, the Bentar mentored films have not only traveled to different festivals, but have also arrived in India for Oscar-winning olympics, including Rima Das's " Village Rockstars.

The Bazaar is running from November 20 to November. 24.

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