Thursday , March 30 2023

Palestinians report a man killed by Israeli fire in Gaza – Palestinian border protests


A Palestinian was killed in protests along the border fence between Israel and the Gaza Strip on Friday, Palestinian media reported.

The Gaza Health Ministry said 40 people were injured in protest, and three of them are in serious trouble. Eight people were injured by the Israeli fire alive, the ministry said, but has not yet confirmed the report on the man killed in the clashes.

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The Palestinian Red Crescent said his staff were looking for injured people after reports by Israeli troops burning against the Palestinians who approached the border fence east of the city of Gaza.

The weekly protest committee called for mass participation this week on Friday, this time under the slogan "normalization with Israel is a crime and treason."

Hamas spokesman Abdel Latif Qanou said Arab countries working to normalize relations with Israel "keep a knife behind the Palestinian people and harm national rights." Friday's protests aimed at "popularity" and a non-violent struggle to "completely break the blockade over Gaza," he added.

On Thursday, an Egyptian intelligence delegation arrived in Gaza to meet senior Hamas officials, including Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar, to continue negotiations on long-term ceasefire.

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Weekly protests have fallen into violence two weeks ago after Palestinian factions have agreed to alleviate aggression in riots across the border fence and the launch of incendiary kites and flares.

A Palestinian Islamic Jihad spokesman, Daoud Shihab, said the protests would continue in another format but did not provide further details. It is believed that he refers to agreements with Egypt, urging Palestinians to reduce their level of violence during the protests.

At a conference organized in preparation for the protests in the beginning of the month, the factions – Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Palestinian People's Front, and others – agreed to reduce the level of friction with Israel due to internal talks on Palestinian reconciliation promoted by Egypt. The decision was also partly taken in response to the Israeli decision to expand the fishing zone along the Gaza coast and allow Qatar to enter Gaza and pay the salaries of Hamas government officials.

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