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"Say Yes to the designer of the dress" Pnina Tornai was dismissed after fleeing for 12 hours for a meeting, but shortly thereafter, she received the phone that changed her career

the legend
Pina Tornai is featured in the successful TLC show "Tell Da".
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  • Pina Tornai started her wedding business 30 years ago in a year
    small mirror store in Tel Aviv, Israel. Today she sees 90 years
    at 120 brides per day on weekends at Kleinfeld, a renowned
    wedding shop in New York City.
  • Before the brides say "yes" to Tornai's weddings
    dresses at Kleinfeld, she was rejected
    selling the dresses in the bridal shop, because his drawings were "too"
    sexy. "
  • Instead of giving up, Tornai went home and created her
    a collection of dresses that could adapt to the American bride
    Fashion. Two weeks later, the owner of Kleinfeld called her and said
    the dresses were selling like madness.

Before the brides say "yes" Pnina Tornai's wedding dresses
at Kleinfeld, was dismissed from the sale of dresses
the wedding shop because its designs were considered "too sexy".

Fr Tornai began his clothing business 30 years ago in a small business
one-mirror store in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Tornai connected with Kleinfeld – a renowned bridal shop in New
The city of York now presented on the TLC show "Say yes to the dress" –
when the bride's father wanted to make a deal with her for more
affordable price on a dress, she told Business Insider
episode of our podcast "This is the Success".

Two days later, Tornai had a meeting at Kleinfeld in New York
City – a 12 hour flight from Tel Aviv.

"The next thing I knew was I was on a plane with me
dressed on the way to Kleinfeld and it was not easy
started, "Tornai said.

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Pnina Tornai explains how he left a small store
Israel to one of the most famous brides in the world

"That was not an easy start, because I remember
the day I came to Kleinfeld and I showed my dresses
the buyer looked at my dresses with a very strange face, saying,
We will never sell these dresses in America. These
dresses will never be sold in America. They're too sexy; and they are too
bold. & # 39; "

On the 12-hour flight back to Tel Aviv, Tornai said
cried until the plane touched. Instead of giving up, she
she went home and created a collection of dresses that could adapt
American bride. He sent the collection back
Kleinfeld, with an e-mail saying, "Please expose these dresses
your store. If they do not sell, send them back to me.

Two weeks later, Tornai received a phone call from his owner
Kleinfeld, who said the store had a problem with her gowns –
sold too much and were not sure if Tornai could keep up with them
order value.

"And the rest is history," Tornai said.

For 13 years, Tornai traveled back and forth from Tel Aviv to New
York City on 12-hour flights to make sure her clothing has flourished

After the Kleinfeld Show "Tell Me Dress"
nine years ago, Tornai became one of the most sought-after designers
At the shop. Today, the show takes place in 120 countries and Tornai
sees 90 to 120 brides per day on weekends.

"It's my bride, my client," Tornai said.
"I thank all the opportunities I have in my life. I do not know
take all that is right. "

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