Thursday , March 30 2023

Taboola and Via announce a strategic partnership – press release


NEW YORK – (Business Wire) – Today, Taboola, the world's most important discovery platform and Via
an on-demand on-demand transport expert, announced a strategic
partnership to provide Taboola News, a personalized news platform
content directly to consumers through Via.

The News Taboola platform will integrate into the application and the Via surface
news and content edited both from the premium publisher network and from
as well as Via directly to the pilots, allowing them to access without problems
hyper-relevant entertainment while in transit.

"At Via, we care a lot about providing a superior customer experience
at each stage of the journey, "said Daniel Ramot, co-founder and CEO of the company
Via. "We are delighted to work with Taboola to offer riders a way
discover new and exciting content while traveling ".

"I'm very excited to work with all the executive team of Via to bring even
more value for the loyal users of Via by displaying relevant news in one
personalized. For a long time, I thought the generation today does not
they want to spend time looking for things and the ability to discover
things that are relevant to you are now an innate part of each user
the experience. There is value for bringing that "moment of next" when users
are ready and open to discover something new, "said Adam Singolda,
founder and CEO, Taboola. "We look forward to our partnership
with Via, where for the first time we can serve the riders with the things they have
you might want, but did not know existed while traveling from one place to

Running will begin in New York City later this year before rolling
in other markets. The partnership is on Taboola's paw
expanding its business with Carriers / OEMs, offering an "Apple News"
product for users. Taboola acts as a reverse search engine, so
instead of having to go to search for information – information
will be exposed to users in a customized way, helping them discover
which is new and exciting.

About Taboola

Taboola is the main discovery platform that serves over 450 billion euros
article recommendations, blogs, videos, products, and fish apps
one billion unique users each month on thousands of premium sites and
mobile operators. Publishers, marketers and performance
advertisers use them on the Taboola to keep users on their sites, generating money
their traffic and distributes organic and sponsored content as well
video to engage high-quality audiences. Partners include: USA TODAY,
Huffington Post, MSN, Insider Business, The Independent, Welt, Express
and the Weather Channel. A global company with local services
contact points, Taboola is headquartered in New York City with offices
Los Angeles, London, Tel Aviv, New Delhi, Bangkok, São Paulo, Beijing,
Shanghai, Istanbul, Seoul, Sydney and Tokyo. Learn more at
and follow @taboola on Twitter.

About Via

Via is re-engineering public transit, from a rigid regulated system
routes and schedules to a dynamic network on demand. Mobile Via
The app connects more passengers heading in the same way, allowing
riders to safely share a premium vehicle. Originally released in New York
City in September 2013, the Via platform is currently operating in
The United States, and in Europe through its joint venture with
Mercedes-Benz Vans, ViaVan. Via technology is deployed throughout the world
through partner projects with private, public transport agencies
transit operators, taxi fleets, private companies and universities,
perfect integration with public transit infrastructure to provide
the largest innovation mobility on demand.

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