Sunday , April 18 2021

Watch: Tessa Thompson arrives in “Thor: Love and Thunder” set this month

January 8 (UPI) – Thor: Love and thunder star Tessa Thompson will hit the set this month.

The 37-year-old actress said in Thursday’s episode Jimmy Kimmel Live! that he’s leaving for Australia to shoot the Marvel movie next week.

Thompson leaves for Australia on Monday and will be quarantined for two weeks in a government-run unit upon her arrival in the country. He will then join Natalia Portman and other distributors and crew on the set.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live!Thompson said it feels surreal to go to a country with relatively low cases of COVID-19 in increasing numbers in Los Angeles County.

“I mean people go to the movies and dinner,” the star said of the Australians. “It feels like an alternate universe. I forgot how all those things are. But yes, things are under control.”

Thompson said he would not receive any special treatment because he was ending his quarantine period.

“You are escorted by police to a quarantine facility and you stay there for 14 days while you are monitored. Once you leave, things return to somewhat normal,” the actress said.

“You don’t get any treatment just because you happen to be in the movies,” she added. “I think the only thing I get, potentially because it’s Marvel, is a piece of training equipment, just because I have to be in a superhero costume.”

Thompson said he felt a bit of “survivor remorse” leaving Los Angeles, but shared what he was looking forward to doing in Australia.

“In Australia, they have these things called egg yolks – they’re like crustless sandwiches,” said the star. “They feel like a Hot Pocket like a sandwich. I want to have one of these, because I remember them being delicious.”

“Consistent with this idea of ​​having some kind of remorse for the survivors, I feel I should receive requests from people, such as what I could do for them as a proxy in Australia,” she added. “Then I can only go into FaceTime.”

Portman, who plays Jane Foster in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, said Watch what’s happening live In October, she trained hard to portray the character Mighty Thor for the first time. She described Chris Hemsworth’s muscles as “otherworldly” Jimmy Kimmel Live! in December.

Thor: Love and thunder is directed by Taika Waititi and alongside Portman, Hemsworth, Jaimie Alexander and Christian Bale. The film opens in theaters in May 2022.

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