Saturday , May 28 2022

Alitalia, ok commissioners for the Fs offer


Okay for Alitalia commissioners on the Fs offer

The objective of Alitalia's commissioners on the Fs advanced offer on the airline. Ferrovie dello Stato's offer "was positively evaluated by commissioners after hearing the supervisory ministry", ie the Ministry of Economic Development. Therefore, the project developed by FS General Manager Gianfranco Battisti can begin and announced today that he has started an easyJet dialogue to give Alitalia an industrial partner capable of making it competitive.

At the presentation of the new rail group's winter program, which will take effect on December 9, Battisti explained that "we are interacting with many operators and easyJet among them," said the general manager. "Soon we will be able to announce something defined and we are very interested in the design capability of the Fs and its leadership to manage this process." The CEO reiterated that he was convinced of "goodness" at the transport level of the project, we believe in him: we have the ambition and, above all, the industrial maturity to guarantee the leadership of an integrated mobility project in the country. "

The ambition of the company is to "create an integrated transport system connecting ports, airports and stations, and we have the capacity to support this important project for the country." For those who asked him whether, in his opinion, Luigi Gubitosi's extraordinary airline commissioner could change the negotiation reports, Battisti clarified that "once the role is formalized, we will manage the trade match I do not see the role commissioners than the bond loan, we will manage the time and the negotiation process. "

Just in light of the future marriage, the group decided to postpone the presentation of the new five-year business plan, which, at this point, if everything goes well, will also take into account the deal with Alitalia. "We were basing ourselves on presenting the new business plan at the beginning of the year, but obviously, some market developments that are opening up make it necessary to integrate it with the other opportunities created," Battisti said.

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