Friday , January 22 2021

Ancona, horrified in the house occupied by Nigerians. Sampled 15 times at repetition

The contours of this stunning horror reminiscent of the story of Desirée Mariottini. Another girl, another young woman with drug problems violated from his pushchair and his cake. Once again an immigrant.

This time, however, we are not in Rome, but ad Ancona. Four days ago (news was only released today), the police put the shackles on one Nigerian Aged 37, accused of aggravated and continued sexual violence, and drug addiction aggravated by a 22-year-old Italian girl. A real horror, repeatedly and repeatedly committed. A continuous rape that, according to investigations, would have led to 10/15 cases sexual violence.

It was November 6, when Mobile agents entered a occupied apartment from Nigerian citizens. Here, the police found a girl of 22 years in the company of a 37-year-old child who was then arrested. Judicial police operations that morning had as epilogue the arrest of the guilty Nigerian citizen and the fact that during his activity he was shaken by a pitbull against a policeman who injured his hand and for this accused of public officer resistance and injuries, possession of drugs for the purpose of solving.

When they entered the apartment, however, at the sight of the young girl, they listened to the statements and it was shown that, in order to obtain drug, the young woman was raped by the immigrant for 10/15 months. Based on indications of guilt collected by investigators coordinated by Prosecutor Ancona and supported by toxicological analyzes of the victim by the Ancona Sales Hospital Crisis Unit (which has yielded ample positive results on the presence of drugs in the victim's body), aged 37 years, was arrested as a person suspected of a serious crime, a measure then validated by the Court in the capital of the Marks.

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