Thursday , February 9 2023

Bad weather, the alarm continues. My strike killed a tourist in Sardinia


The warning will resume bad weather In Italy and the number of victims continue to rise. In these times, the situation is really critical for Sicily and Sardinia. Strong thunderstorms on both islands are accompanied by "heavy rains, frequent electric activity and strong wind storms" wind"And just in this vigilance, today a woman died.

It would be 62 years later in a few days tourist a foreigner killed a lightning strike in Sardinia this evening at Carloforte, San Pietro Island. She was in the countryside in the Nasca settlement, on a day that the weather warning of civil protection was characterized by thunderstorms with lightning.

The victim, an old tourist tourism originally went to his friend, boyfriend and friend Carloforte, on a trip to the northwestern part of the island. The family was on vacation and went home to avoid the upcoming storm when a lightning strike hit the woman's right shoulder around 17, causing accidents and then to death shortly thereafter.

Emergency call 118 was around 18. On the spot, Carloforte's Blue Cross volunteers arrived, but the woman had no more work. the death the doctor was convinced. The carabiners were also warned.

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