Sunday , October 17 2021

Big Brother Vip 2018 / Giulia Salemi still in crisis for Francesco Monte: but there is a surprising kiss!

His father's entry into the Casa del Big Brother Vip is served Giulia Salemi to raise his mind. Monday's broadcast was not easy for the girl, because of the troubled relationship with Francesco Monte. Even in life, the former male and female tronist admitted to feeling good feelings for Giulia, even if we are not talking about love and feelings. Words that have not encouraged Salemi so much that he has decided in the last few hours to discuss it and get advice Walter Nudo. The actor is convinced: to affect the cold of Monte is what, last year, he lived in the House. "I think there are still too strong associations here, here's a slap …" Nudo admits. The reference is clear and is directed to Cecilia Rodriguez, formerly Francesco.


The answer from Giulia Salemi but it is immediate: "Yes, but overcoming it here would be a victory!" Walter NudoHowever, he disagrees with the girl. The actor continues to reflect: "Yes, but it would condition you. Being here awakened all his fears, the feeling of abandonment. Francesco does this because he would not want to use you, on the one hand he would like, but he The Walter Nudo reflection opens his eyes to Salemi, which reflects: "He does not want to deceive me to protect myself, but I get sick again," admits the girl, who reveals that he is really taken by him. gives the girl his advice, inviting him to live the story outside the house.The couple continues to be discussed a lot within the Chamber, triggering disparate opinions and real factions.However, at the end of this discussion, there was a twist: Francesco kisses Julia unexpectedly on her lips, away from the eyes of others. Salemi was speechless.

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