Saturday , May 28 2022

Black Friday: what is it and how it was born the history


Black Friday – Black Friday is the most awaited day for shopping enthusiasts, during which you can benefit from discounts and offers on products of any kind: from clothing to hi-tech on air travel. Here's all you need to know about Black Friday 2018.

But what is Black Friday?

This is an imported custom from the United States between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It happens every Friday on Thursdays, during which "Thanksgiving" is celebrated (the fourth Thursday in November), and since 1932 officially begins the Christmas gift race.

Traditionally, Black Friday does not just mean shopping opportunities that need not be forgotten, but also long tails in perfect running conditions.

And if the idea of ​​spending hours in line in front of cash registers and offices or fighting other buyers that product that you have dreamed for months and which finally has an affordable price does not excite you or even yourself scares, is mainly devoted to online purchases: from Amazon to eBay via Zalando.

For technology lovers, the day to watch is, in particular, the following months, properly called Cyber ​​Monday.

Reward for business, it does not matter that there are no necessary purchases and that at a normal price we would never have thought of buying, it is better for retailers' homes.

Last year, online purchases posted a 33.46% increase over the previous year. During last Friday's Black Egg, ecommerce traffic grew by 78% compared to the previous three weeks and the next three, while for Cyber ​​Monday the increase was 40%.

Besides the brands that benefit the most from the two days, there are Apple giants and Samsung technology, but also Nintendo and Sony with their consoles.

But perhaps Amazon offers the measure of the phenomenon in our country: "During Black Friday last year we recorded an average of about seven orders per second, marking the day of the largest sales in 2015," said Amazon director Italy and Spain.

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