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Cristel Carrisi, the beautiful gift for Al Bano's father and Romina Power's mother


Al Bano
Al Bano and Cristel

Cristel Carrisi is the third child of the Al Bano and Romina Power couples. The girl decided to make a very beautiful gesture to celebrate the 55-year career of her beloved parents

Cristel Carrisi is the third child of the most beloved couple in the music world: Romina Power and Al Bano Carrisi. The daughter of the Apulian singer is known to the public for participation in a series of television programs, also as conductor of the 58th edition of the children's music festivalZecchino D & Oro". After good music, Cristel was dedicated fashion.

A gift for Cristel for Al Bano's father

At Bano Carrisi he is one of the most beloved singers. This year the Apulian singer celebrates 55 years of career. For this important stage, the former partner of Romina Power decided to celebrate with a show titled " 55 steps in the sun " which will be broadcast early in the evening on January 23 and 30 with many guests.

The third child of the couple, for this important event, will play the conductor. In an interview with the weekly "Who"Al Bano confessed giving advice. The Cellino San Marco singer said:

"Being herself and demonstrating the charisma she always brought to the concerts she attended with me, because she is also a talented singer, as well as a stylist." When I heard he agreed to drive, I was very happy.

The Apulian singer added:

"We believe very much about our children: Yari often follows me in concerts, Romina Junior is divided between Italy and the United States because she studied as an actress and Cristel recently became the first nephew's mother and did not want to miss anything at all professional commitment. "

Al Bano Carrisi and Romina Power guests from Maria De Filippi

The following Saturday, the most beloved pair in the national and international music scene will be invited to the "C & # 39; Maria De Filippi. The episode will be, as always, full of emotions and important guests.

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