Wednesday , March 29 2023

Di Maio's yellow book


Where she got the publicist card Luigi Di Maio? When the relationship between the Deputy Prime Minister and the journalists category is at the height of tension, the demand breaks out violently. Some members of the Democratic Party, such as Ettore Rosato and Emanuele Fiano, have already shown their grill finger, and some executives and collaborators of those who seemed the newspapers Di Maio would have taken the card for.

Like Gabriella Bellini, director of the web site, with whom pentastellato has worked until the 2013 parliamentary elections. "Luigi knows he never said those words, he knows the sacrifices that journalists make to local newspapers , the reason why my sentences amaze me, are words that hurt me, I'm sorry, today that the minister of labor must know what freedom of the press means in a difficult territory like ours, "says Bellini. Then he explains: "Di Maio worked as a webmaster, not with us who took the publicist card, came here as a technician, we were at the dawn of online journalism." Searching in the bell head archives there are four articles written by young Di Maio. One refers to the welcoming model of the Libyan refugees in Pomigliano d 'Arco, another to San Felice on the refugees' shoulders, another to a documentary about Alfa Romeo, and more recently to a hacker attack on the site of Pomigliano.

Among the eligible candidates for the book is Paese Futuro, a newspaper printed and distributed free of charge in Pomigliano d 'Arco, which also owned a website. From the last, there is no trace, even searching in the web archives. Director of the then publication, Francesco Di Rienzo, said a Giornalettismo: "We had some collaborators in those years, but Luigi Di Maio was not among them, he was not a member of our editorial staff." Even Anna Paola Bove in the newspaper 2004 to 2013 denied: "If he does not have a real amnesia, I do not remember Di Maio here, he did not take his book with us and did not write an article" .

But who gave Di Maio the opportunity to register with Campaign journalists as a publicist on October 4, 2007? Remember that requirements to become one must have written at least 70 articles paid for a continuous period of at least two years with one or more newspapers regularly registered in court.

But what are these titles?

In his portal content curriculum, Rousseau Di Maio writes: "In September 2012, the Commerce documentary debuted at the cinema that I shot with a dear friend to denounce the dramatic situation of small merchants in my city: dozens of activities failed and forced In those years, besides being a video producer, I also wrote about local events as a journalist. " Next to the candidacy is the blog which has now become a Chinese site. That blog has published the above mentioned document, but a blog as such is difficult to be a registered journal.

If the date when the order was registered in 2007, Di Maio began writing about local news at least in 2005, ie at the age of 19. It was the university period when he founded and directed the website, which was nothing but a university newsletter (among other things, it does not fit the time between the record and articles, as the magazine was born in November 2006) in which, among other things, he was shown a liberal of other times, writing articles in which he criticized nationalization, wanted to sell Alitalia to the French, stigmatizing his fixed position and boasted that he could obtain public funding for Federico II University Napoli.

In short, the newspaper that paid for Di Maio's articles goes forward or is the same grid to explain the path that has led him to become a publicist in the name of the decadent transparency. Perhaps before the M5S eliminates the order. Because it has always been a pentastellato fortress.

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