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empty of Malcom and Icardi


Icardi is playing for 1-1. afp

Icardi is playing for 1-1. afp

A winning draw. Because in the end, even without Messi (finished in the stands), Barcelona is a very strong team that hides the ball, forces the exhausted marathons to recover it and then to withdraw it in a moment. Super Handanovic raises the wall as long as he can, before collapsing in support of Malcom, a long summer dream of the Nerazzurri market. But when it is over, here is Icardi's paw to drive away bad thoughts and give a valuable point in qualifying. Barça flies in the second round, but Inter adds an important brick to his qualification project.

blaugrana rhythm
Aggressiveness and possession: With this intent, Inter prepared the challenge for Barcelona. But you soon understand that the plan is not so simple to implement. The boat without a ball covers each line of passage: Rakitic and Busquets seem to be two octopuses and thus Inter gets into trouble. Dembélé (2 & # 39;) immediately launches a lonely start: one shot in a row and Handanovic's first response. Suarez (12 & # 39;) warms up the engine, disorienting Skriniar with one foot, but then hitting the height at the limit. Inter scared Ter Stegen only in 19 ', when Asamoah from the edge of the small area pulled a high Perisic invitation. But it is only a ray of the Nerazzurri sun, in the midst of the blaugrana storm (and in San Siro a beautiful rain descends): Suarez at the age of 22 invented a run-in magic with the face and the lobe outside a thread on the side. After a big hit by Rakitic (outside the centimeters), Skriniar is half an hour to save on the line after a Catalan action of the drum. From the corner of Suarez he puts a thread from the side in a good position. Inter attempted to resume and break the rhythm of Barça, which came close to marking with Coutinho (37) and Suarez again (42), both of whom were blocked by a super-handed Handicapic.

hits and answers in the end
Spalletti's spirits at Inter interval shake Inter, entering the second half with another glance. De Vrij (4 ') prolongs a free kick while in the 6' Ter Stegen is in the low exit to anticipate Icardi. On the other hand, however, there is always the quality of Barça and Handa is forced to another rescue, except Coutinho. Inter, however, has more courage and succeeds with more continuity in attacking the blaugrana area. Pique (14th) is decisive on Icardi, as well as on the resumption of the walls of Rakanovice Handanovic. At 20 's very occasional for Inter: Perisic launches with speed and brush in the center, but the third time the great one of Politano (the smallest in the group) gets to a very small part. The Handa show continues on Dembélé (23rd), then Suarez did not incorporate the door. Politano and Perisic scare Ter Stegen and ignite San Siro's hope. The game seems balanced, but, as usual, lightning, it is enough to ignite. And he finds Barcelona at 38 '. Coutinho inventions in the open field, Malcom just got into lightning Handa. Barça ahead and San Siro terrified. But he never gives this Inter and his pride to death, which even against a battle ship comes out scary after a palm taken. Lautaro also builds Icardi – until then evanescence – turns gold into the first ball that can be played in Zone 3 from 90's. We need the perfect race to stop Barcelona: it was not, but one point deserves so much. For morality and classification.

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