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Eros Ramazzotti: "I came back with my positive message that remains in time"


The composer tells Tgcom24 his new album, Vita ce nèèère, which goes out on November 23

Eros Ramazzotti:

After so many years of music and 15 recordings, it was not easy to get the ideas out and start again. Eros Ramazzotti he does it, starts again with "There is life"An album recorded in Italy but made a visit abroad so much that the most famous Italian pop duo singer Luis Fonsi. Alessia Cara and Helene Fischer. "There are children left throwing 20 discs a day, I wanted to give a positive message," says Tgcom24.

Eros is a new energy recording that is 50 years old, how was it born?
It's an important project, I start with a good team, I worked a lot on it. It was not easy to renew, it's not 20 years.

The team of authors has changed, you've moved from Mogol to Federica Abbate …
We put everything on the relationship with Cheops, ours is a thirty-year friendship. That's how he started the meeting with Federica and then with Dario Faini, Nigiotti, Paradiso, Zampaglione, Lorenzo (Jovanotti, ed) … but there is also a play by Biagio Antonacci, Paolo, a very good and talented boy. I advised him to escape him …

There are, in fact, many young people …
I'm not jealous of the success of others. I'm happy to see new talents, I've always given space to young people, I do not shut up, on the contrary … Young people remember Eros Ramazzotti especially for the old songs, to keep up with the times I needed to change and collaborate with other artists, see Alessia Cara …

How do you think the "Vale per semper" duet with the Canadian popstar?
It was not easy to find such a voice. I could call Jennifer Lopez, she would have said yes, but it seemed to me a fair change, Alessia is a humble and good girl, I liked her stamp, came to Italy with her calabrian parents, so many of those parties did … She even kneeled.

Another important duet is with Luis Fonsi, did you meet him?
We met during an event. There is no reggaeton, no one does (ironic, ed). He immediately accepted, a teacher called me, and I feel like a little boy … It was very beautiful, a great professional. The audition was different, then I changed the song by doing a duet and I thought about it.

You said it was a time when you wanted to let it go … then what happened?
We have gone through a moment of transition, the way to enjoy the music has changed. If everything moves fast, everything goes from beautiful things to bad things. I started from the love of music, from the positivity for which people recognize me. Life often returns to my pieces, it's important to send positive messages. They remain over time. Here, I wanted to remember a recording.

Eros Ramazzotti presents his new album at Castello Sforzesco in Milan

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