Monday , September 26 2022

"Frozen, fake". Marchesa's collapse was massacred on television


Marchesa Daniela Del Secco Aragona dominates Domenica Live by Barbara d'Urso. He appears in a white saloon with American flags, sits on the pink sofa even though he was Paris Hilton and responds to his sentences. But Maria Monsè, Riccardo Signoretti and the car of truth machine are operating. She is not Marchesa, but she is a woman who knew how to build a character.

At "Domenica Live," Barbara of Urso kicks off the accelerator. GFVip is the first block, there is Elia Fongaro who says she is not in love with Jane Alexander but is waiting outside the house and there is Riccardo Signoretti, director of "Nuovo" and former employer of Daniela, Marquise D'Aragona. He is furious at the show a week ago by his former collaborator and scary gaze in the room that screamed: "She is the Queen of Shit, cheated you, me and my readers over RAI, because she did a link where he said that Palazzo Ferrazoli was his home. You, Daniela, must be ashamed of you for years or Italy for years, the false Marchesa Daniela Del Secco, I would never have given you the garbage in my paper, if I had not been a nobleman and GFVip would never have left if I was one. You took the place of a real VIP When I received the anonymous letters I asked you to tell me the truth but you did I removed the phone book, I told you that I did not pay you any more, and you said you were not writing anymore. move your eyes when you see me, fake. I apologize for the lie The Coward You've licked your legs to get the pictures in the papers, licked your legs to meet Barbara of Urso for dinner and I've sheltered you. You can not play with my work, I can not afford it! Work is sacred and you can not have fun with me. Misleading cowardice, what journalist are you? You talk about ethics, but you revealed the diagnosis of your first husband, and you do not know that you can not reveal it from respect for intimacy. And as a journalist you can not promote your creams because your photo is retouched to look like the Beijing doll. I will never forgive you for having fun with me, my newspaper and my readers. You said you have three degrees, but it's not true, you only have a course in Aesthetic that is worthless, claiming you can not be a criminal offense. Go to TV to make clown to GF, hide Marchesa fake! Shame your lies. Throw away the mask and tell the truth! "Countess Patrizia De Blanck also has an episode:" She has a bronze face, she is ready to do anything to appear, "Francesca Cipriani:" He does not respect his promises. He said he would not kiss Walter and instead he did it ", Maria Monsè does not invectively relieve:" She is a bad woman and Walter can not stand it. "

Without face to face with his detractors, Marquise of Aragon for personal identification makes a separate show with Barbara d'Urso, a little "makes up, a little joking, a little" makes his shirt a little, "he pretends to be bored. Su Palazzo Ferrajoli accuses Rai: "I take pictures there, things went to RaiUno's service. I said it was not mine, they knew that, but who wrote it was wrong, they were wrong. An error. "Su Signoretti is caustic:" I suffered a spoon by Signoretti, I gave him too much advertising. He defamed me for 40 days. Repetita non juvant in this case, does not fall into the trap of further popularity, I will not follow and there will be no contradiction because of all this is occupied by my legal department and is already examining the hours and times of broadcasts of beloved Marchesa for popularity and selling some copies of the newspaper. Everything that surrounds me is an audience. Signoretti said more than lies, defamation. The two-room apartment? It's a lie because everyone knows I have hanging gardens. Who has the business in front of me said "Marchesa because he says something like that?" I live in a house overlooking the rooftops of Rome. He said atrocities about me. It does not affect me, but it depends on my legal department. It is all the grotesque that leaves me astral indifference. "

Catfight also comes with Monsè who does not spare: "Riccardo Signoretti is right, he is a very good licker." A 60-year-old woman who has this desire to be a protagonist, is struggling to keep his lies in because the best defense is the attack Reciting from memory everything is being studied Once I was in the gym and I felt that the lesson was recorded and played again as if it were at the theater. But there is no peace between the two women: in an Istagram Stories by Barbara d'Urso they almost got hit. The Marquise of Aragon for personal identification falls to the edge of the truth. We have to say yes or no, but it takes time, sweet and when answering hot topics, the gram becomes mad: "Do you have a noble family?", "Does that mean?", "Do you have noble origins?" Yes "and the expert:" The answer is not true, "but this does not give up:" For me, let the machine say what it wants. "It goes beyond the question of personal identification, but not on the transport of Monsè and Pearl Maria. expecting the question to be addressed to noble origins, but the curve is as broad as the Barbara d'Urso Auditor's on Monday morning. With the flop in the car the truth closes Daniela flamboyant on Sunday.

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